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Tawa-tawa plants medicinal benefits

TAWA-TAWA IS good  for Dengue. If it does not totally cure the epidemic disease, at least it helps prevent or delay the effects of Dengue, that is, it lowers the platelet count of the patient’s blood.

Tawa-tawa, also known as gatas-gatas, is scientifically known as Euphorbia hirta.

Its uses is not only for treating dengue fever.  It can also be used to relieve a variety of illnesses.

1.  Antibacterial/Antimicrobial. Its plant ethanol extracts are found to inhibit bacterial growth. Also effective against amoeba and fungal infection.  Prepare 25 grams plant per two cups water. Boil for three minutes. Take three to five cups a day.

2. Antiasthmatic. The herb is good for asthmatic persons. It breaks up mucus and relaxes spasm. It is combined with bronchial sedatives in inhaler preparation. Keep one teaspoon of leaves per cup of water for ten minutes. Take three to four glasses a day.

3. Antidiuretic. Drinking coffee and alcoholic beverages promotes excretion of body fluids, diuretic effect.  Rapid loss of body fluids is also experienced by person suffering from diarrhea or loose bowel movement. Too much dehydration can be fatal.

Gatas-gatas has antidiuretic effect. It contains active extracts of phytochemical tannins and flavonoids that promote water adsorption and electrolyte re-absorption. Preparation is similar to antibacterial.

4. Anthelmintic effect. Tawa-tawa is an effective worm killer and dewormer. Preparation is same as antibacterial.

5. Antihypertensive. It counteracts high blood pressure by inhibiting the activity of angiotensin converting enzyme and increasing urine output and electrolytes. Keep one to three teaspoons of leaves in one cup water for five minutes. Drink two glasses as tonic.

6. Sedative. Helps in treating anxiety. Mode of application is the same as antibacterial.

7. Antidysentery. Dysentery is an infection of the intestines marked by severe diarrhea. Taking in small quantities calm the digestive system but large doses has purgative effect. Keep one teaspoon leaves in one cup water for ten minutes. Take four glasses a day.

8. Antispasmodic. It contains shikinic acid and choline that are responsible for stopping early and late stage allergy. Preparation is similar to antibacterial.

9. Treatment of skin diseases. Good for treatment of sores, boils, warts, fungi and open wounds. Treating open wounds will turn skin to bluish black. Apply fresh latex to sores, boils, warts, fungi and open wounds. Sprinkle dried or fresh powdered leaves as wound dressings.

10. Galactagogue. A breast milk stimulant. Massage fresh latex to breast to increase milk flow. Root decoction maybe taken. Preparation is same as antibacterial.

Tawa-tawa is indeed effective but should be taken with caution. Large doses may cause gastrointestinal reaction, nausea and vomiting. Prolonged intake may interfere with iron adsorption. Not recommended for pregnant women.



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15 health benefits of eating apples

Many of us forget that sometimes, the simplest answers are the best. Better health could be as easy as reaching for the fruit bowl for some apples next time you need a snack

What makes apples so great?

1. Get whiter, healthier teeth

An apple won’t replace your toothbrush, but biting and chewing an apple stimulates the production of saliva in your mouth, reducing tooth decay by lowering the levels of bacteria.

2. Avoid Alzheimer’s

A new study performed on mice shows that drinking apple juice could keep Alzheimer’s away and fight the effects of aging on the brain. Mice in the study that were fed an apple-enhanced diet showed higher levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and did better in maze tests than those on a regular diet.

3. Protect against Parkinson’s

Research has shown that people who eat fruits and other high-fibre foods gain a certain amount of protection against Parkinson’s, a disease characterized by a breakdown of the brain’s dopamine-producing nerve cells. Scientists have linked this to the free radical-fighting power of the antioxidants contained therein.

4. Curb all sorts of cancers

Scientists from the American Association for Cancer Research, among others, agree that the consumption of flavonol-rich apples could help reduce your risk of developing pancreatic cancer by up to 23 per cent. Researchers at Cornell University have identified several compounds—triterpenoids—in apple peel that have potent anti-growth activities against cancer cells in the liver, colon and breast. Their earlier research found that extracts from whole apples can reduce the number and size of mammary tumours in rats. Meanwhile, the National Cancer Institute in the U.S. has recommended a high fibre intake to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

5. Decrease your risk of diabetes

Women who eat at least one apple a day are 28 percent less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than those who don’t eat apples. Apples are loaded with soluble fibre, the key to blunting blood sugar swings.

6. Reduce cholesterol

The soluble fibre found in apples binds with fats in the intestine, which translates intolower cholesterol levels and a healthier you.

7. Get a healthier heart

An extensive body of research has linked high soluble fibre intake with a slower buildup of cholesterol-rich plaque in your arteries. The phenolic compound found in apple skins also prevents the cholesterol that gets into your system from solidifying on your artery walls. When plaque builds inside your arteries, it reduces blood flow to your heart, leading to coronary artery disease.

8. Prevent gallstones

Gallstones form when there’s too much cholesterol in your bile for it to remain as a liquid, so it solidifies. They are particularly prevalent in the obese. To prevent gallstones, doctors recommend a diet high in fibre to help you control your weight and cholesterol levels.

9. Beat diarrhea and constipation

Whether you can’t go to the bathroom or you just can’t stop, fibre found in apples can help. Fibre can either pull water out of your colon to keep things moving along when you’re backed up, or absorb excess water from your stool to slow your bowels down.

10. Neutralize irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is characterized by Constipation, diarrhea, and abdominal pain and bloating. To control these symptoms doctors recommend staying away from dairy and fatty foods while including a high intake of fibre in your diet.

11. Avert hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a swollen vein in the anal canal and while not life threatening, these veins can be very painful. They are caused by too much pressure in the pelvic and rectal areas. Part and parcel with controlling constipation, fibre can prevent you from straining too much when going to the bathroom and thereby help alleviate hemorrhoids.

12. Control your weight

Many health problems are associated with being overweight, among them heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea. To manage your weight and improve your overall health, doctors recommend a diet rich in fibre.Foods high in fibre will fill you up without costing you too many calories.

13. Detoxify your liver

We’re constantly consuming toxins, whether it is from drinks or food, and your liver is responsible for clearing these toxins out of your body. Many doctors are skeptical of fad detox diets, saying they have the potential to do more harm than good. Luckily, one of the best—and easiest—things you can eat to help detoxify your liver is fruits—like apples.

14. Boost your immune system

Red apples contain an antioxidant called quercetin. Recent studies have found thatquercetin can help boost and fortify your immune system, especially when you’re stressed out.

15. Prevent cataracts

Though past studies have been divided on the issue, recent long-term studies suggest that people who have a diet rich in fruits that contain antioxidants—like apples—are 10 to 15 per cent less likely to develop cataracts.


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Right way of eating fruits

Right Way to eat Fruit

Fruit is a great detoxifying food as well as good supply of natural sugars. Eaten the right way, fruit is extremely beneficial to the human body. A 3-day fruit fast can do a world of good by cleansing the body of toxins and helping the digestive system to slow down. Here are some tips on how to eat fruit the right way and get the most benefit out it.

  • Eat fruit on an empty stomach. It can be at any time of day as long as you eat it on an empty stomach.
  • After eating fruit, leave a time gap of 30 minutes before you eat any other food.
  • If you’ve already eaten a meal, then wait for about 3 hours before you eat fruit, so as to ensure that all of the previous meal is digested before the fruit goes in.Try to eat fruit mostly before noon. This helps to raise blood sugar in a slow and unhurried manner. Since the digestive system has been at rest through the night, eating fruit is a gentle way of restarting it in the morning.
  • Never eat fruit with other foods, only on its own.
  • Do no eat fruit as dessert after a meal. Always eat it before for best nutritional results.
  • Bananas and avocados are heavy fruit and you may want to avoid them first thing in the morning. Try eating these as afternoon or a midday meal as the digestive system will be more prepared for them.
  • Try your best to eat only organic fruit whenever possible. It is a healthier option.
  • Avoid canned, frozen and processed fruit. It contains large amounts of sugar, preservatives and other undesirable chemical additives.

These are some facts about fruit that may be new to you. But try out the tips and see if it works for you. If you’ve struggled with burping after eating fruit as dessert, you may wish to try eating it half an hour before meals. Whatever you choose, here’s wishing you well!

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Falling in love…

Falling in love may one of the greatest feelings ever. There is an actual chemical process that happens to a person who is falling in love. All of the senses have a greater intensity. Colors seem brighter, sounds more resonant and smells more powerful when you are in love. When you are with your lover there is no greater feeling in the world, and when you’re not you spend all your time thinking of each other. Falling in love is truly an awesome feeling.

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Health Benefits of Eating Banana

1. Bananas regulate the bowel system:      Are you suffering from constipation? The best solution to constipation is eating a banana a day. This is one of the major health benefits of bananas. Bananas are rich in fiber that helps in regulating the bowel functions.

2. Bananas reduce the risk of heart diseases and blood pressure: You might be surprised to hear this health benefit of bananas; yes, bananas reduce the risk of heart diseases as well as lowers blood pressure levels. How? Bananas are rich in potassium, which is very vital for the muscle contraction and proper functioning of the heart and nervous system. Do you know how much of potassium is required a day? It is just 4g and you get this by eating a banana. Isn’t this health benefit of banana amazing?

3. Bananas reduce depression: Tryptophan acids are present in bananas and these help in reducing depression and thereby improve your mood. Studies show that bananas are also helpful in reducing stress levels. In this age of stress, this health benefit of banana is truly great.

4. Eat bananas for healthy bones: What do you require for healthy bones? One requires calcium for healthy bones, am I right? Probiotic bacteria help in absorbing calcium and increasing the digestive ability. This helpful bacterium is present in bananas. Green bananas are especially helpful in absorbing calcium.

5. Reduce menstrual pains with bananas: Do you get menstrual pains? Majority of the women folk take pills to reduce menstrual pains. Rather taking these pain killers eat a banana. Bananas are rich in vitamin B6 that helps in regulating blood glucose levels. This helps in balancing your overall mood and hence reduces menstrual pains. I found this health benefit of banana very useful. How about you?

6. Bananas help ulcer patients: Another major health benefit of bananas is their capability of fighting intestinal disorders. Eating a raw banana reduces irritation in the stomach and reduces the effect of over acidity.

7. Bananas and anemia: Bananas are not only rich in potassium but also rich in iron; therefore, eating a banana increases iron and thereby high hemoglobin. When hemoglobin content is increased, naturally anemic conditions decreases. Forgot those pills for anemia and take a banana. Wow…yet another amazing health benefit of banana.

8. Quit smoking by eating bananas: Another amazing health benefit of banana is that it helps people who wish to quit smoking. Smokers have a high level of nicotine; minerals in banana like potassium and magnesium and vitamins B6 and B12 help in reducing nicotine. Smokers, take a note of this and quit smoking by taking bananas.

9. Bananas increase brain power: A survey was conducted very recently among 200 students at a school in Middlesex. They were given bananas along with their normal diet for their breakfast, break and lunch. Research proved that potassium in bananas helped to increase their mental alertness and boost brain power. Remember this health benefit of banana and make your child eat a banana everyday to score high in studies.

10. Reduce itching of mosquito bites with bananas: What do you normally do when there is an itching or swelling due to mosquito bites? We go in for creams that reduce itching and swelling. Rather using these creams, use banana peels. Rub the itching or swelling area with the inside of banana peels and see for yourself how soon you get relief from mosquito bite itching or swelling.

With these health benefits of bananas, I am sure everybody will now start to grab bananas and there will be acute shortage of bananas.

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everyday i love you

when im alone i always listening to the music..

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My Idol Gretchen Ho

Name: Gretchen Ong Ho
Birthday: April 19, 1990
Weight: 125 lbs
Height: 5’7

College Team: Ateneo De Manila University (Lady Eagles)
Current Club: ADMU Women’s Volleyball Team
Sports: Volleyball
Position: center / open
Jersey no: 3/13

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